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Leger Law & Strategy


Who We Are

Leger Law & Strategy was founded as a social impact law firm dedicated to taking on ambitious projects that make a difference in our New Mexico communities, building on our work over the last 29 years as the general counsel for numerous tribes and their business entities, as well as community leaders working on affordable housing, Hispanic civil rights and community development. The law firm represents tribes, minority businesses and community organizations on issues ranging from civil rights and impact litigation to financing and business development.

Our Work

Located in Santa Fe, NM, the firm’s experience with national policymakers, civil rights and economic development organizations ensure the best possible representation for our clients. The firm’s areas of expertise include: impact litigation, financing, tribal law, business development, leasing, policy development, civil rights, voting rights, and cultural preservation. Leger Law & Strategy has an entrepreneurial and social impact culture. We deploy a sense of strategic thinking and in-depth experience to all our work.




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414 Old Taos Hwy 

Santa Fe, NM 87501


Areas of Practice

Tribal & State Legislation

Drafting and implementation of a wide range of tribal and state laws, from taxation to children’s codes to voting rights. 


Counsel on commercial transactions, governmental grant and loan programs, and business and community projects. 

Energy Projects

  • Negotiate on behalf of tribal communities with regulated utilities and some of the largest energy companies in the nation.

  • Legal advice for utility companies and environmental programs.

Federal Litigation

Including cases involving environmental and cultural preservation along the Grand Canyon. 

Commercial Real Estate

Full range of legal services for the development of resorts - leasing, hotel management agreements, financing and construction. 

Electoral reform 

Successfully litigated the Voting Rights Act issues for the last two political redistricting sessions and the implementation of ranked-choice voting for the 2018 Municipal Election in Santa Fe.