Leger Law & Strategy, LLC




Ms. Leger’s career is seasoned, untainted and fueled with the passion to excel and do well for her clients and her future. I believe her experiences, positive attitude, and excitement for learning, strategy and leadership give her the tools to perform at the highest possible level in all that she does.
— Governor Richard Luarkie, Pueblo of Laguna

I worked with Teresa on a number of projects over the years in her capacity as a working attorney, representing tribes and tribal groups. In each situation, she took control without offending. I worked with her for almost a year on the issue of redistricting, a look every ten years at legislative and congressional districts, reshaping them based on changes in population and the census. She was confident as she took on task of making sure that tribal voters were fairly represented and that Native voting rights and privileges were protected in the Northwest quadrant of the state, which is populated by large tribal communities. She led with her experience and her expertise, carefully and methodically laying out reasons and rationale for why a particular district should look the way it should for the next 10 years. When we met with resistance, she was quick to explain, explicate, expound and in some cases, diffuse what our opponents were professing, cutting into their arguments like a hot branding iron through ice. She was devoted, passionate and persistent especially when we made our case in court. We were successful because of her courage. New Mexico’s tribes benefited from her legal brilliance.
— Conroy Chino, Owner of Chino Works

Teresa is one of the most dedicated and hardworking professionals I know . . . her integrity and personal values coupled with her strong affinity for social justice are unwavering, which is extremely rare.
— John Ulrich, President of Ulrich Consulting Group, LLC

Women like Lela Kaskalla and Teresa Leger – vocal women who take their place and are unapologetically strong, taking charge when needed. When I see a Pueblo woman providing support within our Pueblo communities, the strength they present is so motivating. Whether in the kitchen or in the boardroom, we should always take time to learn, and never apologize for being who we are – for being a woman.
— Monique Fragua, Vice President of Operations for the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (IPCC)